Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Santa Maria!

So I am still in the closet and will be for the next couple of nights.

We got a lot of work done today, but as it turns out, the door still needs to be finished and then put up and the grouter’s are coming tomorrow and the guest room won’t be accessible until Tuesday. Which is fine. We bought a mattress today and varnished the door and did a lot of storage moving around and the like. But really, in life, isn’t grout more important.

Also I forgot. The standard fare of chix out here is California hot. Maybe since it is where I grew up or there might a substantially greater image self-conscious out here, but the difference is Stark (Winter is Coming).

The funniest thing that happened today was by far this iPhone advertisement I saw. It is a normal lame add, but at the end they go to call someone (you just one of the feature of this so-called phone). However, the person that is being called has alittle picture avatar of a vaguely azn woman whose name is Anna Haro. With a name like that she should go out and become one. I must say I didn’t take Apple for /b/tards.

The low point was either the Walmart electronics section -OR- Home Depot -OR- being called “Tony” a couple hundred times.

The weather today says that Chicago and Santa Fe will be the same temperature at 18 degrees. But at least in Santa Fe it is a dry cold.