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San Diego Trip, Family Style

Whew! This one was a deeewwsy!

So this last trip was super intense. I will try to separate the cream from the other butter here.


  1. After the seeing peeps in LA (Meenon, Jessica Simpson, and other enigmatic folk) I went to San Diego (SD) for the big summer family vacation.
  2. First day I went to the optical engineering conference SPIE with my dad.
  3. The next day I went to Tijuana with the family.
  4. The third day, we left SD and went to Ramona to visit my Great Uncle Kurt. Ended up in Escondido that evening.
  5. Sunday we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
  6. Last day Monday, we went to the Original Pancake House in Vista and then the Atlantian-themed Fry’s.


  1. Before actually meeting up with my family, I went to visit Kerry Deuce. It has been a while since I have seen her and we hung out and exchanged stories for a few hours. Turns out that my Kerry collection will soon all be living in the City. Makes it more convenient for future visits ^_^. Made it through with zero (0) references to Dune. Awesome.
  2. The Wild animal park was amazing! You really should go.
  3. Going to the SPIE conference with my dad reminded me of all of my ole Physics days. Moreover, it got me thinking about laser isotope enrichment.
  4. It was sooooo good to see my great uncle again. This subject gets a little political depending on who you talk to. We will suffice it to say he is the last living Holocaust survivor in the family.
  5. Watched some Olympics. More or less we pwn basketball on both mens & womens. And Jamaicans are short distance Kenyans ^_^.
  6. Birthday, duh!


  1. While we were in SD proper, all 6 of us were crammed into this *maybe* 500 sqft hotel room. It was bad.
  2. One of my brothers was just awful this trip. He was complaining and morose the whoooooole time. He didn’t want to come so much that he bothered my parents until they gave in. For various reasons he came anyway.
  3. However, he failed to behave on the trip. This made my mom incredibly jumpy. This lead to my father and I and eventually my other brother getting in immense amount of trouble over the smallest little thing.
  4. For instance, I got in trouble for saying “Mornin’” as a response to “Good Morning” to my mom. Since I left out the word good I clearly didn’t care about her feelings, the family, etc.
  5. My mother forced us to cut the trip short, which is when we left SD. However, people kind of made up and we ended up staying an extra day.
  6. During all of this, I backed into a parked car when pulling out of a parking space.
  7. On the last day, it came out that said brother had brought a switchblade. At least he “wasn’t planning on hurting anyone else” on the trip.

So don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!