Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


So the highlight of my day today was this test I did not take. To be more illuminating I proctored this exam today for a graduate class I have not yet taken. I was ostensibly doing research during this time, but more on that later. I was also signed into my AIM client and I was talking to Meenon. At one point she said something that made me actually laugh out loud. Of course all of the studious students vigorously working take a short reprieve to stare at me. It was most humorous.

I did get some actual work done, however. I had been having trouble fitting this data I have to any sort of reasonable function with anything resembling accuracy. The key however was to take the natural log of the data. The plot of this oddly enough looked like a log plot which then became a line. This, of course, let me know that there was both an x dependence and a Exp[x] dependence. This gave me a general fit which looked like a*x*Exp[-b*x], which worked like a dream. It was cool because this is not one of those functions that people have a lot of familiarity with and no one looks at its plot and says “Blamb! I know what that is!” I knew something was weird about it this weekend because it is a monotonically increasing function whose second derivative is zero in two places over our domain. That is to say that when I plotted the line of best fit, the data crossed this line twice while keeping its positive slope, it is just that the slope changed. Of course that was just the dependence of the data on one variable. The other variable was not nearly as difficult. Right now I am busy recalculating the data adding in a third independent variable. This will likely take overnight.