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Read or Die or Don’t

So it looks like I might have an expanding LJ readership. Welcome! I write to my audience, both seen and secret. So in honor of this I will write an entirely selfish post.

The noun-phrase of the day is “Body Fat Percentage“.

Alright, we all know I have weird physiology. Still my quest to become a fine specimen continues. I reached my target weight years ago, but because of these strange and previously unknown dietary issues, it hardly ever looked like it. As it is, I still think I look over my actual weight and fitness…which is unfortunate.

But moving on, weight isn’t everything. Muscle mass is (once you are within 10 pounds or so) just as important. Because I can feel them and have been doing specific exercises, I know I have some decent abdominal muscles. The goal now is to get them visible.

To do this, men need a body fat percentage of about 10%. Women, lucky for them and their other assets, need between 14% and 18% to have visible abs.

I am currently estimated at about 15% Body Fat. So really, I need to loose 5% body fat, which at my current weight shakes out to 7 pounds.

Ok cool, not hard right? But wait! This isn’t really loosing 7 pounds, Mr Slimfat. This is more like converting 7 pounds of fat into 7 pounds of muscle. Or at least some combination of loosing weight while maintaining or gaining muscle mass.

This is tricky. Loosing weight (through diet and exercise, of course) is mostly done through aerobic exercise. On the other hand, increasing muscle mass is done through anaerobic exercise. And there are only so many hours in the day.

So it turns out that doing anaerobic workouts before aerobic ones increases the value of both rather than the other way around. This has been precisely my strategy for a while now. But it became clear that I needed even more aerobic exercise throughout the day. This has been gained by riding my bike more now that the weather is good, rather than walking everywhere.

Additionally, I found this website called FatSecret which lets you input everything you eat in a day to your profile. It will automatically calculate a kilocalorie estimate for you. Neat! There is a real barrier to excess food if you then have to account for it by typing it into a website later that day…

But even better than that, you also can put in what work outs you have done day-by-day and it will estimate the kilocalories burned. It even accounts automatically for the energy used by sleeping or just being awake!

Then it outputs a daily side by side summary table of what energy came in and what energy left. Since it takes 3500 kilocalories net-burned to loose a pound, this is super useful for getting a rough estimate of how you are doing.

Naturally, I thought about writing a program to do basically the same thing a couple of years ago. But since they couple it to much larger databases than I have, they ship a better product than I have time to write.

My goal is to attain fine specimen of a man status by my birthday! I think I can. I have the time, will, and tools.