Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Re: No

A couple of days ago I was in five states: Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.

The first three were boring as sin. I did get to see the sun set as I rounded the Great Salt Lake. The firmament was especially beautiful. I ended up in Wendover, NV because I’ll be damned if I spend the night in SLC without having to. Although, to it’s credit, SLC is the bastion of civilization in the region despite its proximity to Idaho. I even saw two hawt gawth chix walking down the street. And one was a redhead to boot! There is hope yet.

So I ended my 1k+ trek for the day on the border, having gone more or less through two whole time zones. But I tell you that Wendover must also be some sort of backwater. I stayed at the Nugget Hotel & Casino and it did not have internet!

No Wireless. No Ethernet. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Having spent a few days in Iowa with my relatives and a couple of tireless days on the road to get there, I was more than a bit horny when I pulled into Nevada. In the need for some virtual action, the lack of a jack posed a problem. So I took the leap of a desperate man: Hotel Porn.

I was presently surprised. Historically, hotel pornography has long been the domain of thoughtless, vanilla, softcore fare. Old pornstars and directors fear the day when they are relegated to this uninteresting fate.

While still very tame as compared to the teeming mass of specialty fetish site you can find online, there was a good amount of variety and most of it was hardcore (not just women massaging their own breasts). They even had some porn directed to straight women, and some other specifically made for lesbians. Unfortunately, the closest thing to gay male porn they got was the bisexual stuff [mmf] (gotta be a pussy *somewhere* on screen).

You may now be asking yourself why I am telling you about my all too expensive “me” time. Well, because I found out the name for one of my fetishes! For a long time I had been thinking of it in terms of only length, and that is why I was calling it “my short-hair fetish”. It turns out this goes by, at least in Wendover, the term “Tomboy”.

Loving lesbians and butch bisexuals is more or less a losing bargain. So on a tactical level it is advantageous to try to be attracted to the people that might have more than an inkling of mutual feelings. But try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to think of the traditional straight woman visage as fundamentally sexy (and not just because it is “too normal”, you jerks).

Having found the correct terminology, I am certain my future internet queries will be more bountiful in results. Now if I could find the tomboy into suspension……