Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Rainbow in the Dark

Remember when it was all cold and rainy and we went out to the looking place. There was that rare storm on the ocean between the islands and the coast. The wind was blowing hard. But it was the lightning that was staggering. Some of it even stayed in the clouds, having their little disco rave while we watched. Hoping the party would stay over the ocean. The next day, when the sun shone, the Daily Nexus ran pictures.

That is what it felt like today when I overheard this whispered conversation.

Boy: So what do you say to them?
Girl: Nothing. I don’t feel that way.
Boy: ~pause~
Girl: I mean, obviously they were G-d’s chosen people for thousands of years before…
Boy: But, I mean, don’t you and your friends still think they are all going to hell or something?
Girl: Maybe. But its not like they are total pagans. I don’t feel the need to go out and to try to convert them like they do.
Boy: But what do you say to your friends then?
Girl: Well I have some Jewish friends, and…

That is where I got up and walked away. Only in Texas, mi amigos, only in Texas.