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Questionable Comments

Alright I have finished the backlogs of Questionable Content in my usual blitz style of reading through comics, manga, webcommics, etc.

I know I originally said that I thought it was kinda a one horse town. Well, I retract that after the Faye-comes-out-about-her-past strip. It is now at least a three horse town.

Things I have noticed:

1) While I was slowly, due to lack of effort, putting this together I came to the realization that the indie scene is the modern day analogue to the Mods. Now QC wasn’t the only data point in this fit, but I think it certainly brought the error down a lot. This is almost disconcerting. Not that I didn’t like the Mods; quite the opposite is true. What is strange is that they are back, and so subtly.

2) The author is obviously some sort of post-post-modern nerd humor titan. A single Dune reference would have solidified this placement. The “Mom Jabbar” pun however has only ever been matched by Hiro Protagonist himself. (BTW Robin if you have finished Snow Crash we need to have a talk ^_^ It has been at least 4 years since I have had a good talk about that book)

3) All of the female characters have short hair (as well as all of the male characters).

Speaking of hair, I think I finally understand one aspect of my mother that had previously mystified me. My mom tends to dye her hair outrageous colors. She does this mostly for fun but it also as a device to figure out who the people that are worth knowing and putting the ignorant in her place.

Today I think I experienced one of my first compulsions post-middle school. I feel like I should shave my beard, cut, spike, and dye my hair electric blue, wear embossed black leather cowboy boots, a leather trench coat, sunglasses, carry around a gunsword, and paint my right pinky fingernail red and walk around Idaho Falls just to see who would talk to me. Because you know those people have got to be at least a little forward thinking. Screw everyone else. Considering I live across the street from a Mormon temple and walk everywhere…

…They probably wouldn’t take kindly to me yelling that they are a heretical cult to a sect of my religion that accidentally believes that Jesus was the Messiah and then mated with and slaughtered a bunch of pagans. See how Idaho brings out the best in me.

But I am justified, and I will tell you why. Right here. In the park across the street from the Temple of the North Star or Neon Genesis Evangelical or whatnot, there is a statue of the Ten Commandments.

I am livid at this statue.

I saw it and just stood their screaming what the fuck at it for a while until I was starting to get a couple of looks.

There are more severe consequences aside from the fact that the commandments are in English (which is most certainly not Ha-Shem’s language) and that they are so poorly translated that no wonder people are ignorant (the imperative not to murder is given as “thou shall not kill”, and the covet ones are all messed up). The two single most assaulting things about this statue are:

1) At the top of each of the two tablets is a little monogram of the two tablets. Ok cool whatever..self referential Mitzvoht. HOWEVER THE WRITING ON THESE MINI-TABLES IS RUNIC. That is right, there are Celtic runes on the tablets. Now keep in mind that this appears in two places on this statue, so the designer clearly knew what they were doing.

2) Underneath and in between these two monstrosities of cultural con-fusion was an Ariel, a lion if god. BUT he was standing and partially wrapped in a United States Flag! If this wasn’t my brother’s Hebrew name I am not sure how personally insulted I would be, but I am sure I would be hurt by it…if not physically ill.

The topper of it all was a disclaimer plaque next to the thing that claimed they weren’t espousing any particular religious view but merely trying to represent and pay homage to “mankind’s first attempt to codify laws” or some such.


That isn’t even trying. Any high schooler can tell you that the first written law record that is presently referred to as such is Hammurabi’s Code. However anyone with half a brain could figure out that Ur or the Egyptians must have had laws before the Israelites or the Babylonians!

Fuck! Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai AFTER leaving Egypt…you know the place with the oppressive leaders and slavery and Pharaohs and a strict hierarchy which must have all been supported by *gasp* laws!

Time to get off my soap box and go buy some hair dye.