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Big n l Leathers

The Other ‘L’ is right there! How did they miss it?!

In other news I lost a bet yesterday and had to pay up today. Here was the deal. Josh, my coworker, has this insane sense of distance. He claimed it was ten miles to the mall from where I live. It is less than four. He also claimed that it was 15 miles from his parents house to mine.

I called him out!

I said it was 5 or maybe six-ish at the most. This was at lunch yesterday so we bet on lunch today. Loser buys sort of thing. He said that anything above 6 was his.

Consulting Google maps gave this heart crushing answer:

Distance: 6.1 miles.

I tried the old as-the-bird-flies defense, and then the “this is not the most direct route”. He wasn’t taking it.

So even though I was actually right and he was 2.5x off, I ended up loosing and buying lunch today. Fine whatever. But then he goes and buys one of the most expensive things on the menu and orders a couple drinks. He really wasn’t a graceful winner.

Needless to say I am a bit peeved. But I had the moral victory and I will get back at him somehow….I can’t be too mad because he let me borrow his bike though.

—Stolen from some website

A well endowed girl name Celeste,
would cause quite a stir when undressed.
Topologists think,
if they had enough ink,
they could draw a k5 on her chest.