Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Please Place All Luggage in the Overhead Bin or Under the Seat in Front of You

I believe I have come to the point in my life where my strategy has started to fail.

I have compartmentalized all of my friends and relations to the point where no one is allowed to know the whole story. Well, maybe there is one person who has full disclosure, but he is between a Rock- and a Rose-place.

This weekend seemed to exemplify my shortcomings:
-I don’t look like the fittest guy in the room.
-I can’t hip-hop/club dance well.
-At some point I became the straight man rather than the funny man.
-My name is not T-Scop.

There were two halves of my brain that I could feel very strongly.  They could not talk to each other.  Knowing the best way doesn’t mean you are not content in discomfort.

I walk the walls of my defense network, though I tire of this duty.

Don’t take this post as overly emotional.  Rather I am deeply conflicted over my next few moves. And the inaction quagmire is the wrong action.