Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Last Saturday, I was one of the ones privileged enough to be present at the ‘Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity’ in Washington DC.  It was more by providence that I went than specifically desiring to participating in a faux political event hosted by a cable television channel.

I was in the District, where people still don’t have the right to vote, for of all things a Department of Energy meeting.  Is the irony leaking through this series of tubes yet?

Still, the rally was fun.  The show was entertaining enough; you can watch that online.  But from the steps of the National Gallery, the gathering was more about entertaining signage.

The event started out well with a poster stating:

Repeal Godwin’s Law

And of course there was no shortage of the hard-to-disagree-with:

Only Hitler was Hitler

in apparent  reference to Glen Beck’s penchant for declaring everyone he disagrees with a Nazi.  (So pervasive is his obsession that even the Economist takes heed.)

A similar truism was a giant piece of cardboard that must have been 5 x 7 feet, supported by PVC pipe, blocked everyone’s view, and read:

Front: This Sign is Too Damn Big

There were more explicitly political ones in the mix as well.  Melding both poignancy and wit was a young woman who proudly exclaimed:

I Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell

Whatever floats your witch, lady…  (All the good ones seem to sink.  I feel cheated.)

However, the most righteous one was held by a (presumably) Saudi woman who was wearing a chromatic flower lei.  The sign itself had a quarter rainbow, starting and ending in clouds,  and stated:

God Loves Fags

I watched her take a picture flanked by two men who each had posters declaring

Don’t Deport My Husband!

I wouldn’t even think of it…  And lest you think that the rally itself was devoid of nerds, I found this gem in the trash outside of the Canadian embassy:

Americans for Gaussian Distributions

Now that is a platform I can get behind!