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[Paris] Gave My Talk

I am enjoying Paris much more than I thought I would. Outside of the conference, life is very relaxed and my non-existent French is not as much of a barrier as I thought it would be.


Now, don’t get me wrong. The city is still founded on imperial thuggery. And if anyone can lay claim to the copyright on Urban Sprawl it is the Parisians. But generally things are quite nice. Perhaps it is the excellent coffee that is lubricating my attitude.

I gave my first real presentation at an international scientific congress yesterday. And not completely blowing it equals success. When you are the youngest, least accomplished person in the room by 20 years (and all of the others present are DOE and foreign equivalent bigwigs), the audience can be quite imposing.

Also, in a fit of cosmic annoyance, my adviser missed my debut! He had to cover for a talk that was scheduled at the exact same time…

More to come, surely.

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