Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

[Pallas: 2] Serious, Hilarious, Thoughtful

Continuing, the weekend camp out was chalked full of meeting people, which means that it was full of new emotions and discovering new ways of mixing up my many varied personalities.

Now before you get too many misconceptions, most of these new folk I was skinny dipping in the aforementioned pool with before I ever had a conversation with them. Which conveniently brings me to my first unexpected experience.

The camp was fairly evenly divided between real adults and those who are just old enough to fake it. My first serious conversation took place in the pool with Real Adult Paul. Basically he was squeezing me for information on what I do in graduate school and the like. So there I was, naked in a pool, explaining fuel cycles and the importance of the distinction between carbon emissions and environmental impact. Meanwhile, other people were jousting on each other’s shoulders. It was fairly surreal.

Many people seemed to think I was from Florida. I am assuming that this comes from Ant or someone mis-telling the “You Know Katy” story.

One of these was a girl called Beanie. Friday night during the revel fire, Beanie and I discovered a shared taste for top-shelf tequila. Don Julio was our mutual friend, while neither of us talk to Jose anymore. Good times. We made a liquor run to satiate our needs.

Around that self-same fire, was my first real opportunity to speak with J. and Katya. Their relationship with each other is very “Taming of the Shrew.” Moreover, they bring this brand of extrovertedness to others as well. Here an interesting thing happened. Normally, I am the Intro-/Extro-vert opposite of those around me. Likely because I was so comfortable, I stepped up to the plate. With these two I felt at ease ribbing them as much as they did me (though not quite so much as they taunted each other). Intriguing.

Tim and I were awake much later than everyone else (especially those not copulating). Tim is a Philosopher trained in Physics and Computer Science. We had a fuck ton to talk about. Very nice fellow and I think we connected on a level that was unique for me there.

The next day it rained. It was a cold rain. This did not stop people, myself included, from running around in it and then hopping in the slightly warmer pool. After a hot shower, under the pavilion, we played the largest game of Apples to Apples I have ever seen.

Saturday night at the revel fire, there was a similarly large game of “I’ve never”. You know the one where everyone puts out their hands and goes around and says “I have never slept with a manatee” or some such. Then everyone who has slept with a manatee puts down a finger. Etc. Once all of your fingers are down you take a drink and get to ask a targeted question. Those of you who know me, know that this game is my weakness. This is, of course, when I got drunk.

However, even with the positive and relaxed atmosphere, I still felt like some of the targeted questions were too pointed. For instance, I was asked where I fell on the Kinsey Scale. I didn’t answer because I didn’t think it applied to me. But even if it did, this is effectively asking someone to out themselves. Which is always wrong.

After this tell-all, we warmed ourselves by the fire and then went to bed.

Obviously there is a lot I am glossing over and much I am not covering at all. But I think the above relates my emotional and mental state throughout the weekend quite well.