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[Pallas: 1] Awesome

I was planning on writing this yesterday, but if you follow my twitter you would know that I completely broke my system while moving to the latest stable kernel release (2.6.28). This was not without purpose; I needed my computer to function a bit better for work and also I needed to add iPod support since I just bought my brother’s used one. Luckily, mah 1337 h/-\ckz0rz skillz came in handy and the whole process only took me like 6 hours. It would have been less, but I only had the broken machine on hand!

So before I go further, Pallas Beltane was amazing. I really did love it. It was held at the Recreation Plantation, which is moderately in the boonies but has every amenity. Basically, a 40+ acre facility in the hill country.

The area is zoned into three regions.

  1. Up by the gate there is a light field and some trees and the house where the proprietor live.
  2. Through a strand of oaks, there are some camp sites and hot showers and it is generally woody.
  3. This falls off a 14 foot hill down to a field with a couple of pavilions and a pool. The other border of the field is a creek (which was dry).

Naturally, my first thought was LARP. The entire facility was basically made for dressing up (or the alternative) and running around. The fee to rent the whole place out for the weekend was like $1k. Well within most RP budgets.

I camped down by the creek with all of the other low-land gorillas. There wasn’t a lot of organized activity, but there did not really need to be either. All in all, I had a wonderful time.

ADDENDUM: Some further posts may locked as appropriate.