Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Original Prankster

So I don’t really have much to tell or anything to tell to people in such a manner that the information control could be contained. Maybe I am not feeling creative enough today.

I grew leaps and bounds this week in my study of Chaos. I have never ever felt so at home thinking about something that people might label difficult. I see fractals fucking everywhere. I always have, but now I think about it.

Furthermore I found out that the Second Law of Thermodynamics, you know the one that states mathematically how the universe is tending toward states of greater Entropy, is false. I want to recreate the experiment myself to see. I have always struggled with this one. On some level, Existence doesn’t make that much sense with this little guy floating around. Humanity is certainly an orderly force in a spiritual sense if not a physical one.

Patrick and I argued last night on the benefit of gasified coal plants but not necessarily on the sides you might think. I, as a nuclear engineer, was for them. This is because my Prof has taught me the importance of economics. Therefore I feel that any step in the right direction and you can’t expect people to have an overnight transition. Patrick didn’t disagree; he just thinks an instant transition would be best; I don’t disagree with that. Not much of an argument.

I went to Karaoke last night. That was a lot of fun. Not as much fun as sex.

I have been thinking about Jessie lately. If anyone knows where she is please let me know. I have been thinking about going to Burning Man just to look for her and run into her and then pretend that I hadn’t planned it out. She would know I had. Mr. Rodgers taught me it is fun to pretend.

I met a girl the past couple of days who looked like Kerry Prime, but with the right hair color, and who had the fashion sense of Meenon. It was a pretty spectacular phenomenon. I wonder would Ryan appreciate that? I could ask him but Mr. Rodgers taught me that it is fun to wonder.

I have made a little box in my closet. It is equivalent to a shoe box. I think I shall go fill it.