Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

One of those days…

Today was incredibly nervous and stressful. We basiclly spnt all day mulling around waiting for the real estate agent to call. Not that we didn’t call him of course. But the paperwork has been held up on the other peoples end and while we were suppossed to close on friday somehow that got delayed until today, monday. This again, because they did not finish, was held up until tomorrow. Now, we are suppossed to meet them, of course, not in the morning but at 2 in the afternoon. Theses guys are relly lagging and it is pissin’ me off. We arived on Sunday which was a day late. Now we have been delayed an extra two days while in Austin. Everyone’s nervousness is simply feededing everyone else’s. So moving in to my new place and thus getting situated is now being forstalled until tomorrow afternoon. Which in all likelyhood means that I won’t even get internet by my birthday. The phone situation at my new place is, believe it or not as complicated as getting the new place. Everything is a headache. When it is said that purchasing a home can shave years off your life, I believe it. Whatever happened o the good ‘ole days of homesteading where if you wanted a peice of land you would just kill who was ever on it. There are some nice houses in The City that I would like…maybe near Golden Gate Park.

Wish me luck tomorrow. (must buy pocketwatch…I am so much less cool without one)