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Old Media Weekend

I just spent the last two hours trying to get my PS3 to work on my computer monitor in my room. It wasn’t getting a signal with a input plug I had never used before. So I laboriously took the *whole* damn thing apart and then cleared it out and put it back together. Nothing. Nothing on the internet either. Then I realized that it was a resolution problem coming from the system itself. ‘Doh! I felt like an idiot. Still not picture with the new resolution, but at least I have a signal….bastards.

But really, I have had a remarkably relaxing weekend of old media. Here are the reviews.

`The Long Goodbye (1973)`_: A couple of weeks ago I decided to watch an old movie every Friday night. This week it was the remake of the Long Goodbye. Eliot Gould was excellent as he was NOT Humphrey Bogart, which is something you really have to try hard to avoid. The most interesting thing about this picture though, was its cross-genre-pollination. Since it was a remake of a movie based off of a Raymond Chandler novel, it was guaranteed Noir. However, since it was made in the early ‘70s, it also had a very Exploitation feel. Very, very strange. But still very fun. The only other film that comes to mind that does this is “Chinatown”, but it really isn’t even close.

`The Scarlet Letter (1934)`_: I watched this last week. And I of course watched it because my new favorite silent super-hottie Collen Moore was in it. This film was a talkie and her first “serious” work and one of the last films she ever did. However, it was beautifully acted and the script was true as the righteous half of Janus. The only place that they deviated from the book was in the addition of a comic relief duo. But as this duo were simply Penn & Teller 70 years ago, I didn’t mind a lick. It was very silent film in a lot of ways, which I always appreciate. And these people must have spent the majority of their budget on costumes. As always, I would commit the sin of adultery and many others with Collen Moore.

`Son of Rambow`_: For laughs I watched this on Saturday. It was good, but not as awesome as I expected. The main story was somewhat less interesting than they billed it. However, there were some very trippy/surreal moments. Oh! How did that grab me?! Worth watching, once.

`Sworn Sword`_: OMG!!! I waited like a year to find this, and it was awesome! “Sworn Sword” is of course the sequel to the graphic novel “The Hedge Knight“. Both are based off of George R.R. Martin short stories. This run seemed to only be half the length (6 issues) of the first one (~10-12). I also must be getting good predicting Martin’s work. This is because literally the frame in which the last main character was introduced is when I knew exactly how the rest of the story would play out. I am not talking about major events. I am saying I knew every little plot point and twist and turn of the story for the next 3 issues down to a tee. I didn’t miss a one! I didn’t even have to read her dialogue in that first frame to know any of this either. Part of this must be that Martin is very good at dropping subtle hints that if you apply logic to, you can know what happens. Meanwhile, he (through his characters) is feeding you outright lies about the situation at hand sometimes. Being adept at picking up his hints is a learned skill. But you know what, it didn’t even bother me. If knowing what was going to happen in the story bothered me, I wouldn’t have reread the book so many times (round 7 go!). I nom’d it like it was hawt. I would even venture to say that I have a fairly good idea as to what will happen if he writes future short stories in this thread. And I just had a terrible thought: Dunk/Egg slash. Well, Seeya next post!