Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

O Raleigh?


Ya Raleigh!

Well, maybe not so exuberant as all that. I have been here a couple of weeks now, and have a couple of weeks left to go. I am painfully lonely here, in addition to the overworked/undersexed status that usually follows from graduate studies. Last year when I was here, my friend AJ from high school was also out doing an internship. At the time I didn’t realize what this meant for my mental health. Normally, I am very good on my own: two sigma better than average. However, the previous two months of travel, going from seeing nearly everyone I have ever known to nothing was too severe. It was a train running into a brick wall.

But the trend might be changing; the end is in sight. To combat said loneliness, and think about something other than nuclear fuel cycle error propagation, I went to an album release party for Raleigh-local group Birds of Avalon. I found out about this though my avid blog-watching.

The concert had two opening bands before Birds played. The first was pretty decent. The second was some hybrid Indie-Punk, which frankly I was not into at all. Punk should have some bite, rather than be about your 4th of July weekend. And Indie-music, well I guess I don’t care enough to have an opinion.

Birds of Avalon, however, were great. Their material encompassed words like ‘Musicality’ and ‘Thoughtfulness’ and ‘Presence’ and most of all, ‘Entertaining’. Still, only one of their songs was truly spectacular, and they saved it for last.

I go into all of this because the venue was fairly interesting itself. The Pour House (get it? beer, pour) has an extensive upstairs balcony area that wrapped around two sides of the top of the building. From here you can look down on the pit and the band. This upstairs is where it is allowable to smoke. But the view makes it worth it. Basically I got an eagle eye view of the drummers for the cost of putting up with a little smoke. I loved it. At one point between the bands, this man Robin started talking to me. Robin, Raleigh born and raised, could tell within 5 minutes (from my accent) that I wasn’t local. Damn.

In other good news, though, my friend Shawn from UCSB is going to visit me next weekend. He is moving to Maryland for graduate school from LA and I get the benefit of a visit. Awesome. And a week after that I am outta here!