Anthony Scopatz

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Nurses, French, and Savage

Because I have access to cable w/ out Comedy Central here in Raleigh, there has been a lot of time with Adult Swim & Lifetime on in the background. We’ll skip over the Lifetime and focus only on Adult Swim. Only about half of the shows are worthwhile, but it has lead to some odd attractions.

1) Dr. Girlfriend: I have yet to even see a show with her in it, as I have only seen commercials. For some reason I find this character incredibly hilarious and attractive. It might be the Jackie Kennedy thing, who knows. I would propose to the first girl that dresssed like a nurse for me all the time.

2) Creepy Susie: From the Oblongs, this character has two things only going for her: she’s goth and her incredibly sexy accent. Unfortunately the voice actor is older than my mom….but that voice! I never had a thing for the French before.

Lastly, despite his Dan affectations, Mr Savage is amazing. Now if only I could find a girl who would indulge my French Nurse animated fantasies. I cook, I clean, I like the Kinks.