Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Lieutenant! Is that *really* appropriate?” Sisko barked. Her hands and arms had caught him by surprise from behind. No one knew about their secret time together, least of all Jake. And that is just how the Commander wanted to keep it.

Dax had become more brazen of late. He often sat and wondered if it was some sort of Trillian mid-life crisis, or menopause, or puberty even! Her quarters were fine, the Holosuite was fine too if they could be guaranteed a little extra privacy. Even his own quarters were reasonable if they knew Jake would be out. But this everywhere, all-of-the-time business has got to stop. Just last night it had been in the Science Lab. Julian was right there! If he’d heard her moan just once, that would be it. Both of their careers would be over. Now they were in his office and this was getting dangerous.

Oh come on Ben! I am the Science officer here and I am just collecting samples.” Jadzia wryly smiled, sliding her hands further down the front of his chest. Starting to unzip his uniform. Tick. Tick. Tick.

That is it! I’m..” Sisko started.

I am Collecting Samples!” Dax butted in. Pausing for a moment to regain her composure, “And it just so happens that I require some from an Adult Human Male. And there is nothing you can do about it.” She said turning his chair around and smothering him a kiss that was not the kind to allow Sisko to object or even speak. Her supple breasts touching his handsome man-chest in that light way that let both of them know that there was only more to come.

Alright. I concede. But not here. Someone could walk in at any time.” he pleaded. Unfortunately for Benjamin, by the time he was done talking she had his uniform unzipped right down to the crotch.

Ah Ah!” She wagged her right index finger at him as she got down on her knees in front of the chair. “I am the doctor here. I think that makes me the master.” Jadzia winked.

Dax was now cupping Sisko’s lukewarm balls in her left hand and had partially unzipped the top part of her Federation uniform. “Alright there little guy! Come on.” She whispered to Benjamin’s penis as it was slowly going through the first stages of erection. Unzipping her uniform’s top completely “Do you need a little motherly love?” she said as she placed his cock into her cleavage, slowly rubbing upwards and down. Resigning himself, Sisko sat back and thought to himself that if it is going to happen he should take it like a man.

Finally submitting, Benjamin allowed himself the pleasure of a full, stiff, 15” hard on. Dax wasted no time. She was smothering his dark member even more vigorously than she had him earlier. It was unfortunate for both Jadzia and him that the Trill oral structure could not fully account for neither the Captain’s girth nor his length.

OoooH” He moaned deeply and softly as simultaneously both her mouth retreated back to the tip of the head and she surprised him by ramming her pinky finger up his asshole. There was an audible pop as her lascivious mouth separated from his head.

Do you like that, baby?” Dax inquired as she rotated her finger around. It was all Sisko could do to moan briefly as he felt the cool air evaporate the pre-cum and her saliva from off of his shaft. Before any words could form she was back on him vigorously sucking and pounding.

It was all too much. Dax was always good at head, but this new finger thing was superb. In a climactic groan, Commander Sisko expelled his load into her mouth. Dax, surprised, pulled back.

Sorry, I normally last longer.” He claimed apologetically.

Thumping her chest and swallowing, Jadzia said willfully “Oh that is fine, Ben. I didn’t realize you liked it so much.” Dax stood up, her breasts undulating as she did so. “But now for me…” She forced the commander up out of his seat and then ripped the rest of his uniform off. Then turning him around so his powerful back was showing she proclaimed,

Computer. Strap-on. Hot.”

And there it was. The replicator had produced a massive 24” long PVC shaft with harness, shaped like a baseball bat. Jadzia knew it was his favorite sport and thought the gesture would be appreciated.

What are you doing Dax? You have your sample. We can stop for now.”

Oh no, you don’t get off that easy. Not after that performance.”

The first unlubricated ram up his firm ass hurt the most. He could feel himself start to bleed. Sisko knew this would be bad. He wouldn’t be able to sit right for a week and people would start to ask questions.

AWWWWW!!!” The pull out hurt almost as badly. And why was it so warm? Is she now taking lessons from old bad white men farther up the Federation chain of command than him? Still, it was oddly arousing. Jadzia always was trying new things.

Eventually she settled into a normal, rhythmic motion. He even had started to get hard again, but by this point his face was planted on his desk and he was bent over. “Alright old man. That’s enough.”

For you maybe.”

Stop old man.” The pounding increased, along with the pain. “STOP! No more!” His skin was sweat bonded to the table and the increased frequency was hurting him everywhere. “STOP, OLD MAN! STOP!!!” But she just kept going…

When Sisko woke up, he was face down on the ground. Sitting up, he noticed Dax sitting by the window, smoking. “So how was it for you?”, she asked.

A lot like our time together in the Academy.”