Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Nightmare Mode

My dreams are back. As is the rain. Dark times, indeed.

On Sunday, I submitted my first journal article for peer-review. Awesome. But I have been dog tired since then. Gripped with near complete apathy, I didn’t even want to sleep.

When I finally called it time to go to bed, I thought I would read a few pages of “The Hedge Knight” before collapsing. Insomnia took over and I ended up rereading the whole damn thing. I was quite pleased by this, for I feared I would dream again this night.

My fears were well founded. I had hoped that the “Knight” would bring me dreams of the dragon, but instead I found my family turned to undead. I felt this bound to happen, and had hoped to avoid it.

Between the weather change and the yeast infections I haven’t been feeling very well. Why can’t Kamille protect us?