Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Nerdy Simile Here

So I was thinking today that when you move it is almost like restarting your computer, at least if you are running linux.

You reboot your life and in the process of bring up all of the necissary system functions you get little [ok] or [failed] messages and then move on to the next step. But you really do start from the ground up and as things come on line you feel more and more comfortable with the place. And I am saying this as a person who finds moving to a new place relatively easily.

I have observed that my behavior here has been that of making certain goals, achiving them and then moving on to the next goal. The first was obviously moving in and feeling comfortable and obtaining all of the furniture I need to feel like a ‘real’ person. Then, I got my school situation adequately up and running. The next was finding a group of people to game with. After that came the establishment of one or two stable friend groups. Now I am left with two goals that like the gaming group and friend group in some sense run concurrently.

I must discover what sort of ways in which I wish to improve myself and pursue these in my spare time and I must find a suitable mate for the Austin area. I hate to chalk things up to chance so I won’t. I figure since my self improvement goals include finding new people to exersize with (which is a shame I left SB since I had found again a good group of people thanks to the Garden Court Apt.) I will do this one first. This goal should impove my desirability to the potential in theory. I feel the last system critical function to boot up are always the ones that give you the most trouble since you have already developed something of a routine. What I need now is perserverance!!!

If this wasn’t nerdy enough for you the fact that novell is leaving ReiserFS in the dust really bothers me.