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I think, therefore I amino acid.

Mr. Obama and the Dynamic Web

Well, congratulations America.

You proved us naysayers among you that this is not the 1960s or 1970s. This is not Israel. All it takes is one crazy person who wants to force their will on the rest of us. But here and now, that crazy person has enough respect for democracy not to go out a-ssainatin’. I think this makes me happier to be an American than anything else.

But life and the Savage Lovecast tromp on (first minute+). I have a ton of ideas in my mind that have been building up but did not get published because of quals. I am sure you will see at least some of those forthcoming. But for now, I have a couple of awesome things to show you that I have done.

`Twitter on Website`_: My latest Tweet now shows up in my status bar (on the left) of my website. Easy little hack I thought up. Took me about an hour to implement. But it is fun and makes everything so much more DYNAMIC.

`Other Blog`_: As some of you may or may not have known, about a year ago I started an environmental blog over on blogger. The idea was to keep LiveJournal as a personal space and Blogger as a professional one. Thus was born HerAdvocate.Org

…Which I promptly became too overwhelmed and too under-motivated to update regularly. However, with the passing of my quals and the realization that I might have to get a real job in a year, online advocating is back! I promise this time to rant at least once a week on it. In fact, if I am posting here and not there, poke me. Hard. With an ICBM.

So here is what I want you, my readership, to do please. Basically if you Google Reader or some other RSS feed, go to the blog and add it to your feed. That way you don’t have to remember another website to go to and I get people who are actually reading the thing. (I find it hard to right without and audience in mind). If you don’t have an RSS Reader, you really should get one. And add HerAdvocate to it. Also, I won’t copy the content from there over here. So if you wanna fanboygirl me out, you will need to go there too. Additionally, if you have any friends or relations who you might think would be interested in reading it, please also let them know. Thanks a ton in advance.

OK that is it!