Anthony Scopatz

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Movie Day

I have been thinking lately about wanting to see some movies again but haven’t really gotten up the nerve.

Today that was shattered. I saw both Shrek 3 and Stranger’s with Candy. As you may have guessed, Shrek 3 was good and had some shots that were straight out of Buster Keaton (Steamboat Bill Jr. if I am not mistaken).

Stranger’s with Candy is a must see. Much of this film, apart from being downright hilarious, had an amazing attention to detail and subtlety. Stephen Colbert plays a near psychotic in-the-closet gay science teacher part of the joke being that his out self is a born again Christian. The periodic table shaped like a cross on the back wall is spectacular and I covet it. Amy Sedaris had a wonderful role as a quirky and insane woman in her 50s who returns to high school. While it is an All Star cast in every sense of the word. Many of the important role are filled by people who are excellent actors with at least regards to what roles they are playing. Maria Thayer plays an uncomfortable foil to Amy Sedaris’ big-house lesbian domineering. Carlos Alban plays an awesome geeky Indonesian student whose accomplishments go largely unrecognized even by his peers.

All in all the movie had a sound moral which was delivered in a humorous but unpleasant fashion. For a film that relies mostly on words to convey its message, this one is certainly high up there on my list.

I am furthermore pleased that, like riding a bicycle or throwing a Frisbee, watching a film, truly watching a film hasn’t quite left me yet and it is not a wholly uncomfortable experience and I still find it pleasant. This pleases me. Mostly.