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Mom’s Out (of the sick people place)

I know, I know. I haven’t been particularly good at communicating. It is getting to me even; I have felt disconnected. I didn’t even log into my email for several days, waiting until I had something good to write. Life has been an emotional steamroller, slowly compressing my innards onto the hot, black pavement below.

UPDATE: So my mom was hospitalized the day after I returned to CA. This was her 7th or 8th Emergency Room visit in 6 weeks and her second hospital admittance. Most of the rest of this time I was deep in finals week. Then, when she went in this latest time I was stuck in The Valley (LA) and couldn’t escape until the next day.

DIAGNOSIS: My mom had several issues going on simultaneously which made finding and treating any of them difficult. What it looks like it came down to was a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) coupled with Sciatica (a pinched nerve in her lower spinal column). [NOTE: she did not have Cirrhosis as previously reported, stupid Google autocompletion].

Unfortunately, all of the pain medicines they were giving her were cut with acetaminophen, so she didn’t have a fever. Which meant she was asymptomatic for the UTI. And since she has only the one kidney, this infection put her in even more pain and a whole lot of danger.

Also due to her strange biology, she was hypersensitive to the pain that the Sciatica was causing. This caused her first doctor to tell her that she was faking it, it was all in her head, and to “Shut Up” when she was crying and moaning. He then proceeded to treat her with two conflicting anti-psychotics. Consider that asshole fired.

Over the course of this 6+ week period, she probably ate only the equivalent of 10 meals and slept close to 30 hours. Yes, she was only able to get 30 minutes of sleep a day while simultaneously on Vicodin, Valium, and Morphine. Restlessly wasting away was not helping the healing process.

SECOND RELEASE: She was released again only a few days ago. The treatment for the UTI is an easy course of wide spectrum antibiotics. The treatment for the Sciatica was a cortisone shot to the nerve in her spine. Unfortunately, the shot takes 2-3 days to kick in. Friday was the first day that she was really up and at ‘em again.

Hopefully, this is will be at least a semi-permanent fix. We’ll see what the good doctor says tomorrow.