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I think, therefore I amino acid.

Moebius Dick

What is Non-Orientable and lives in the sea?
Moebius Dick!

So other than not much happening today, not much happened. However I have made Two (2) really cool updates to my website.

1) I added the Protomen pictures from their Hollywood concert to my website.

2) I embedded my google calender for viewing onto my website. It is under the “When” tab. Basically this means that if you wanna know my schedule, you just have to go to my website. Pretty cool huh? Accessible via

I know would like to start a discussion though. Here is the question: Is it manipulation of other people to change yourself based on their actions?

Some points to consider:

  1. It is clearly social manipulation as you are part of the social group and changing yourself has some effect not only on you but the whole group dynamic.
  2. Does intention matter? If you change yourself merely with the intent of changing someone else’s beliefs or mannerisms, is that then manipulation of other people?
  3. Does the contrapositive to 2 hold? Namely, is it manipulation of the other person to change yourself based on their actions, not caring if or not wanting the other person to change?

Ok that is all, hotstuff.