Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Minor Update

Two things. I haven’t been getting enough work done recently. Today for instance. I was going to spend the night programming after my departmental function. But no. During the after-party at Crown & Anchor, I got shamefully drunk on a pint and a half of beer. This seems to be happening a lot lately. If I eat what I normally eat (salad+) then I can’t drink how I used to drink. So I spent the rest of the night eating and sleeping off a hangover. LAME. I am LAME.

Secondly, this weekend was my first time fully cross dressing in public. We went dancing on the pedestrian bridge over the river. Every article down to my shoes (W40) was intended for women or not meant as clothing (chain link belt). Sure, the shirt was given to me by a girl in North Carolina, but it is a women’s cut so it counts. For those of you not here to enjoy it:


Also, secret bonus third line item: Beanie for my birthday gave me two pounds of coffee beans (yeah!). Which is frankly too much for me to drink in any reasonable time frame. So I am thinking Chocolate Coffee Cookies, anyone in? Just want to help me eat them? That is fine too.