Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


So it is that MEME-ical time of year…You know where you light things on fire, break out the latkes, dance the hora…

Alternatively, one could simply post the first sentence or two from each months first post from this year. Here goes…

…Or because my first sentences suck, we’ll do the last of the first post…

The things I think of in the tub.
I have made a little box in my closet. It is equivalent to a shoe box. I think I shall go fill it.
I hope Kerry Prime feels better.
If you are going to go through the pain of having become that frustrated without release, you might as well enjoy it.
My desire for completeness or, lacking that, fidelity and MCNP are kicking my ass right now.
Furthermore the song is *not* on 200 Motels, which is the album where you’d figure a chain such as this would be.
At dinner at Anime Expo (which was this pas weekend) they had Four (4) Andrews in a party of Eleven (11).
And I am off to Three Rivers, catch you on the Kaweah or on the Flipside!
I’ve got to let you know, I’d cry if you died.
But it is probably a trap.
In summary, there is something to be said for these WoWDetox,

PostSecret, and GroupHug schticks…Trolling is fun and entertaining; actually posting on one would be a scandalous admission of guilt, even if no picture is available.

There, much funnier.