Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Here is the situation.

I am sitting in the emergency room waiting for Seekatz to get his stitches. He fell on the curb and hit his head at Patrick’s place. I hope it is not too serious. He has a headache but they haven’t done any sort of imaging yet (x-ray, MRI) to know if there is any internal damage. He was hit right above his left eye. I got to the hospital at about 3:30 and he hasn’t fell unconscious since then but apparently was doing so before. Now we just wait and see. Everyone else except for Robin left.

I am pretty concerned. However to lighten the mood we all took bets on the number of stitches he will get. I have a dollar on 5 and another dollar on 8.

On my front, I am taking Donnatal for my stomach problems. It seems to be working which is awesome. I would say that after only 5 days of treatment and working out I am down to only 10-15% bloatedness.

However this drug is having some unintended side effects that are really annoying. For one I haven’t been lethargic or tired when awake, but I have been sleeping for 12 hours straight without waking up once. This is sucky since I would like to have that extra 4 hours every day when work hits hard. Hopefully I’ll have learned to live with these effects by the time I am in such a situation.

The second (super-)annoying side effect is that I now have a vastly reduced sex drive. It isn’t that I am not interested as much or that it is any less satisfying. However, I feel less of the omnipresent compulsion that I typically experience. This is disappointing to say the least. Is this what being old feels like? Knowing my family I doubt it. Being the stereotypical female? Once again, not in my family. This experience is totally unnatural.

But my stomach isn’t bloated anymore….
And neither am I having sex……
……It would be nice to have someone to play with my piercing ^_^