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We watched the Rutles movie tonight. My body is modifying itself in strange and disappointing ways. I feel really healthy and my blood pressure is 92 over 59 with a pulse of 62. The pressure is fantastically low. I feel my pulse could be a bit lower. Shane’s pulse was 53, but his pressure was high.


Ok, I just had a big argument with my mom. The TV was showing some monkeys that were being used in some sort of lab experiment. She said that the monkeys shouldn’t be tested on.

Now, Let this be said right now…I have nut political views, a lot of them in fact. One of them I think is that I really believe in science and economics. Whether this extends to what would be called faith or not I do not yet know…

So I made the argument to my mom that 1) most biologists and doctors would rather not use the animals and where ever they can develop methods that don’t 2) animal testing has saved lives in the past, saves lives now, and will save lives in the future and has improved life expectancy otherwise, 3) animal testing in needed to develop methods that don’t use animals as we ramp up the tech level.

She still wasn’t buying it so I ended up pointing out the she either values animals as much or more than people -OR- that she is essentially a Christian Scientist.

We sort of agreed to disagree and then mentioned as long as she didn’t join PETA or firebomb research clinics then we’d be cool.

Of Course she mentions that she was thinking about joining PETA.

Now here is where things got weird. Neither her or my dad believed me when I said that PETA euthanizes their rescued animals. Of course I didn’t have enough time to show her this website:

Now this is the San Fransisco Chronicle, which is supposedly the most liberal newspaper in the nation, who you’d think would be PETA fans.

What sticks in my craw about all of this is that I feel it is another expression of people feeling guilty about themselves or humanity altering the environment. Naturally, this comes up a lot in power generation biz that I am in.

As a guy who is really into systems and system dynamics generally the way complex behavior functions, it really always amazes me to see how little of a given problem people can see and still be wholly holy warriors for their cause. I think very few people in this country really understand where electricity comes from in this country. E.g. Electric and Hybrid vehicles are all the range in California, a state that lives on coal and natural gas.

Now I am not saying that every little bit doesn’t help, and yes animals need activates too to argue for better, more humane treatment where ever it is possible.

These issues are complicated.

Unfortunately raw emotion won’t solve them. Also, merely by being alive every single person effects the environment in adverse ways. If one really feels guilty enough about these things than the most honorable thing one could do is suicide. Killing yourself is likely the best thing someone can do to return the world to its otherwise natural state.

The revolution is coming and I want to live to feel a face that isn’t mine. Seeya in Three Rivers.

They were playing frisbee and it was most ungentlemanly how they were throwing it