Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Let’s start with a bad joke.

So what was the motto of the 14th annual Viticms of Domestic Violence & Transgender Support Foundation?

If you Can’t beat ‘em, Join ‘em!”

Ok Ok, I know, I know, a total groaner. You laughed on the inside. So I just got back from Spider House where I went through a cheese shop senario. I had to order three drinks before they had any of them. But I eventually sat down with my matgerita and settled into rereading Lysistrata. It is so funny and very interesting. I had totally forgotten about the part where some of the women initially object to the plan with a series of “What ifs?” One of them was, “What if they should take it by force?” To which Lysistrata replies, “Submit, but in a bad grace. There is no pleasure in that which is taken.” or somesuch. To my mind that seems like such a sophisticated response. Not so much in the phrasing of it but more that such a tactic would sucee against the average joe.

Also one of the footnotes noted that appearently Athens utilized Scythian Archers on their police force! How Bad-Ass is that? It almostr makes me wonder if this is a source of Athena’s weapon being the bow (probably not, but it is a cute parrallel nonetheless.)

And to contiune the tour of greek women, I saw a couple of girls at the cafe who were clearly proud of their heritage , being from the island of Lesbos. (Neither of them looked greek BTW) Most of the time when you see couples in general, one person is hot and the other isn’t so much so ya know. Well these were two blessed girls. One still wasn’t my type but they were evenly matched I’d say.

That is all, as julie would say at the end of her posts.