Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


It was cold today in Austin. I didn’t go outside at all. Instead I have dedicated this day to hedonism and science. I finished writing up a lab report that took me two weeks to write. I learned a lot of Mathematica in this and probably increased my skill level from passing fair or moderate to expert or veteran. I am still not a Mathematica super-gawd or developer or wolfram clone.

More importantly than all of that I finally sat down and learned TeX,or LaTeX rather. Now that I know it, it is the most indispensable piece of software ever written. GCC and Emerge don’t touch this baby. It is absolutely clear why everyone uses it. My one complaint is that trying to get figures to do what you want them to is a bit like teaching an ADD child whom is also suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. They really want the blocks arranged in a certain position and even when you can convince them that they look better in a different arrangement, they still move them back to where they originally put them. But literally everything else about writing a paper is made easier. It looks totally professional and I can write it in nano *GASP*!!!

More importantly than all of that, my family just left town after coming for Pesach. It was wonderful to have them here and now I am a bit lonely again. Unfortunately, while my brother did make it into NYU for dance he did not make their academic requirements. Also despite is amazing audition for Juliard, they also declined his application. This means he is not going to New York, yet. He did, however, make it into both the UCLA and UCI dance schools. Many congratulations on those fronts are in order.

My lactose free diet is going well, even though I have gone to Amy’s twice this past week. I am simply relegated to eating nothing but dark chocolate for desert…Oh Darn! Other than that it has mostly been vegetables and eggs since I can’t really have any bread either. Carrots are about the sexiest food in the world. Move over Cucumber. Carrots have that nice other-worldly orange coloration and are conical. You can bisect them with a plane (knife) and learn some math at the same time. This all reminds me what I came on here originally to say. Doesn’t it suck when you can’t even remember your wet dreams? If you are going to go through the pain of having become that frustrated without release, you might as well enjoy it.