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la Dolce Ciriculum Vita

The last day at the congress and it seems to have gone well. I had a good time at least. I have added some more pictures of my hotel room here in Interlaken.

And now Erich and I start our long trip home. Because the our flight leaves at 10 am from Zurich, and the train from Interlaken to Zurich takes a few hours, we have to be in Zurich tonight. So I will get to do some sightseeing around the city as our hotel is downtown. Then we wake up and get on a plane. Assuming that there are no delays, I will be arriving back in Austin on Friday afternoon. Though my computer tells me it is now 2 am CST on Thursday, this means I will be coming back tomorrow…but really it seems like three days from now to me.

Yesterday, Erich gave the talk on my work. I think it went very well. His was the best talk (ie got the most number of interested, non-super-critical questions) of the session, which was my favorite session of the congress (Nuclear Power and Sustainable Development). NOTE: the only talks that had real economists at the conference were the first two of this session.

But the real gem came that evening. I was having dinner (Fondue & Epessess) with Erich and an economist professor (Erich’s friend) from Stanford. From what I gathered he has somewhat recently gone through a less-than-pretty divorce. In any event, he said that he joined for the hell of it (aka lulz), confidence building, etc. Nothing serious.

The plot thickens, much like the fondue. Then he comes out and says it. With one of his friends back home, he set up a fake female account on eHarmory to see if he could get matched with himself. And he finds it funny to read the guys trying to proposition “her”. Yup. Sound like a pair of Walkers, perhaps?

This being a group of scientists/engineers/economist, I got to watch my adviser sit there and laugh at the idea and watch the two of them try to pick apart the social networking scene. All in hilarious seriousness, just like our age group does! It took every once of will not to 1) laugh my ass off, and 2) talk about my OKC experiences. Does my adviser *really* need to know that I have a gay male cowboy alter-ego online? If he is smart enough to read my blog he already does.

However, I think I am safe since I had to explain to him last night that MySpace is a sleazy den of pedophiles and whereas FaceBook is a necessary evil.

I think that is about it for now. Not sure when I will have internet again.