Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

Just the facts, sir.

This update is a little overdue in some senses. But I needed the time to cool off and put someone’s head on my shoulders.

Everyone’s life is always a probability tree. Mine is more so now than it has been since I have moved to Austin. What follows is a qualitative diagram what *may* happen. I am neglecting to put numbers down, because frankly it is too woeful to think about.

1) I pass the quals when I retake them in January.
___A) I stay at UT until I get my PhD.
2) I fail the quals in January.
___A) Under the departmental rules I am therefore kicked out of UT and out of a job.
______i) I must find something else to do. Though my parents have offered to float me for a time, I am unsure if this is responsibleon my part
_________a) Get a crap job to make ends meet somewhere around Austin.
_________b) Find a “career”-esque job. This may or may not take me away from Austin (hopefully NO) and may or may not take me to California (if I have to go somewhere :shrug:) and may or may not be at a national lab (please NO!!!).
_________c) Study for the LSAT and go to law school. I still haven’t married a lawyer, so law school is still on the table ^_^.
_________d) Go to grad school at UT elsewhere but almost certainly in another field. I have forsaken Physics (discovered that the emotional block seems to be permanent). So I would likely switch to comp-sci or comp-engineering or something. But we shouldn’t overlook the possibility that I am simply not cut out to be an academic. I have had this creeping fear for a while.
___B) There *might* (so Josh tells me) exist a provision by which students whom have failed the qualifier twice but the professors believe actually know the material are allowed to take the test a third and last time.
______i) GOTO 1.

Seeya in February where ever I am. If you are reading this and assuming that it isn’t that bad and I that I am blowing things out of scale, let me assure you that it is that bad. Somehow I thought that taking the hard way would be easier.

PS I have beaten Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Needless to say, it was amazing….just like Disgaea 3 =).