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I think, therefore I amino acid.

Jenny Huska

Originally from the Texas Panhandle, she finished high school in Anchorage, Alaska where her family had moved. Always ready to paint or travel she choose to study at the University of the Americas in Mexico City, where to her surprise she stayed for 20 years. During that time becoming an English Teacher in her children’s school was her next career goal. Painting had to wait. In 1990 she moved with her children away from the problems of the big city and settled in the little village of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California. Now there was time to paint and travel. Her first works were Diego Rivera style portraits where the many years lived in Mexico showed through with bright warm colors. Eight years went by in Cabo and her children grew up and started families of their own. One of her daughters married and moved to Santa Ynez and as visits began so did the urge to return to the United States.

Now a resident of Santa Ynez she enjoys painting this beautiful valley and its wonderful oaks. Local landmarks such as old barns, windmills and churches are in many of her latest works. The many years spent in Mexico are seen through the warm bright colors in her landscapes.

Unfortunately, Jenny has a terminal and debilitating disease known commonly as Papermill Vagina. No known cure or cause has yet been found. However, with your help and the purchase of one of her paintings, more monies can be dedicated to easing Jenny’s pain and go toward researching this rare and awful condition. Up to now, Jenny has learned to cope with her struggles by occasionally using her disease in her art. Once a month, her vulva swallows one of the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley live oaks and she makes a unique canvas out of it. On this canvas she paints her landscapes in warm bright colors. Won’t you help?