Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Ok I am sure you all remember that about a month ago or so I made a fake OKCupid profile for Javilina/Jessica. I am sure mostly because my last post pertained to just this.

Well about two weeks ago Patrick made a joke-I-didn’t-know-was-a-joke-at-the-time over AIM. “Hey you should make a profile for every gender and sexual preference combination.”

My reply was a definitive “No. That is way too much work. But maybe covering all of the sexual preferences would be doable and fun!” The math at the time worked out as follows. 1) Me: straight male. 2) Jessica: bisexual female. So the only two combinations missing from this scheme are bisexual and gay males. These two birds can be hit with one stone: gay male.

So meet Mark Walker, my gay male alter ego.

Mark’s profile name is ‘flavilin’. This of course is just ‘fl’ as in flavor + ‘avilin’ my screen name. The creation of this profile went a lot easier but the role-playing experience is no less intense. I even managed to rope Patrick into a bit making it an ARG of sorts.

Mark is part of bear culture, or certainly wants to be. A bear cub shall we say. This is tactical decision as I cannot swing the standard gay male vibe. In fact I make a pitiful bear, but it suits.

As you may have noticed, I have the horrendous U-mustache for the part and I actually went out and bought Texas Formal Wear (jeans and a cowboy hat) for the part.

Unfortunately, I could not immediately shave off the ‘stash since my friend Tony was coming into town on Sunday. These pictures were taken Friday night. Tony actually looks like a bear and taking some pictures with him will lend credence to my more ursine persuasions.

So basically I have been walking around town all weekend with my ridiculous mustache. While I was at I figured why not actually try to play the part in real life. You know see how it works. Mark is a much more explicitly extroverted fellow than myself. Also, he is gay. Needless to say I got treated a lot differently.

Surprisingly, it has been ALL positive. I am not treated like the nerd/pencil-pusher/academic that I normally swing. People see the mustache smirk, laugh, but then respect. Then when it turns out I am outgoing and nice, they are always congenial back. I am not harmful or malicious or cunning. The mustache disarms their defense and then they open up. It is incredible.

This has happened with just about everyone new I have met this weekend. It has been wonderful. I sat down in Intellectual Property (bookstore) and had a 20 min conversation with the checker about Poverty, Sustainability, Children’s Stories, and Tactics for Making the World a Better Place. This is not something Anthony is privy to and not something Jessica is interested in. I could very easily get used to being in this brave new world.

There is so much to tell but I think I have written enough for now. Enjoy.

EDIT: Mom, you now have the gay son you always wanted.

EDIT2: I just added a couple of more pictures with me and Big Bear Travis.