Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


So to explain my prior post. I had this wonderful idea bout a month ago that culminated in some illicit pictures being taken last weekend.

Here is the idea: What if I created a female OKCupid profile for myself? Aside from just getting an answer to the “What is my type of man?” question, this account would allow me to very effectively troll a good number of the males (and a few females) on the site. So to borrow from 4chan, ONWARD FOR TEH LULZ!

Now we go to last Friday where I explained this at dinner to all of my Austinite friends. The immediate reaction was one of both shock and hilarity. Probably pretty close to what you are going through right now. That night we took some camwhore/FGAS pictures. Since then I have been working on a profile with Robin and Patrick’s help (Thanks!).

While the profile is not done, it is in a passable state. It is still a work in progress so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me. The profile may be seen here (please check it out). Note that the profile name is ‘javilina’. This is simply ‘j’ + ‘avilin’ + ‘a’.

Please also note that this is a total group effort (it takes a village). If you want in or just have some comments or suggestions, please let me know.


1) While once I might have been more effeminate in body type than masculine, those days are sadly gone.

2) This is soundly the most intense role-playing experience I have ever had. To create Javilina (whose real name is Jessica) required an amount of RP that can only be compared to method acting. However, rather than being given a character I had to make everything up. This is supposed to be a believable, independent person. Every detail and decision should have a plausible reason for its existence and all of the pieces must fit together. This is far more work than either method acting or RPing. Even character generation for novels and other written stories must be easier. This is because the story teller is giving the context that the character exists in. The reader may then infer the details that are not given explicitly from this context. My context here is Real Life!

3) Some of you may have noticed that Javilina’s real name is Jessica. The MH crowd will understand that this is the only purely female (non-androgynous) name that I can slip into comfortably. The rest of you will note that she is named after Lady Jessica from the “Dune” books. Her guinea pigs are named Paul and Duncan, which is a dead give away IMHO.

4) Part of why I thought of this in the first place and why it works was because I realized that females (and apparently gay males) get a lot more attention than your average straight male on OKCupid. However, before I started this endeavor in earnest I had no emotional attachment to this observation. That has definitely changed. At first I felt kinda dirty by all of the “stalkers” that javilina was getting. This lead me to feel bad for all of those women out there who use the site seriously. This, of course, is a condescending attitude and was quickly dropped. However the attention ratio << 1 for the avilin / javilina profiles. This got me feeling sorry for mine own biology. Of course this is all for the LuLz so I can’t ever really feel all that bad.

5) Encased in all of this is really the whole story of how our cyber-society is evolving. But that my friends, is its own post.

I hope you read at least enough of this to get the gist of what is going on with my gender bending extravaganza.