Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

It never ends….

…Or the Zeitgeist affects the future too!

My life continues to collapse in on itself. The only method of survival is to constantly rearrange and reinvent myself.

Many tell me that change is not possible; some tell me that will to change and the inability to do so is just part of life. I deny both of these.

In truth I am not even sure why I try anymore. Survival doesn’t seem like such a great thing all that much of the time.

I made a rather large decision today. One that has far reaching long-term consequences.

Unfortunately, the secondary and tertiary effects of this choice were not things I anticipated and have proved very upsetting and unsettling. Change is difficult. I know not whether any I know will notice the long term difference. I do know I was upset greatly in the short term, but I am glad my friends were here for me to non-specifically complain to.

My life continues to be a cascade of failures. I fight, but I fight alone. I fight for myself, but I am not always there.

It is time for a Turning, but in which direction? Perhaps I will keep spinning into oblivion.

~~~Know This! I don’t trust you! If you think this doesn’t apply to you, it does.~~~

I am sorry, but you had to know.

Dust am I though I live.