Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

It may be cold, north of the wall, but not on the Southside…

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I missed Pallas. It sounds like those of you who went had a really great time! Normally, I would be completely jealous. But instead I was here…


…having an equally good time.

Basically, Madison rocks. Maybe not as hard nor as long as Austin does, but it is still damn cool. I understand that my experience may be atypical. I have many excellent friends here from several vectors. Also, it is an escape where I can dedicate my time to programming. Which is lovely. Most grad students spend the vast majority of their time doing tasks extraneous to their actual research. So when you get a chance to do what you are interested in you take it.

That has been my life here: 12-17 hours of research + 4 hours of hanging out (drinking and eating cheese) + 3- 8 hours of sleep. It has been bliss. I feel really at home here. A different home. It probably helps that my co-worker here is from Belleville and Nakia is from Madison.

Still, I am coming and staying home tomorrow. I’ll get to be in one place for 6 weeks! I am excited. I am also pleased to be leaving their midwestern climes. I grew up with this and left it with purpose and dedication. California had my graces for a decade, as does Texas now.

More than anything, I am looking forward to seeing my main squeeze Anne. One more day and I promise I won’t leave you anymore. This semester.