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inSCIght Episode 6: Cython

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Bootstrap yourself in and prepare for episode 6! This week we discuss the Cython project and some of the impressive things you can do with this ever-more essential language. The skinny is that code written in Cython can be compiled to C, which in turn can be compiled by your favorite C compiler. Cython’s syntax is very similar to Python, but gives you the full power of C and the CPython interpreter. Oh, and you can use it for C++ and Fortran as well!

Welcome to a brave new world.

Today’s cyborgs include:

  • Chris Colbert (special guest)
  • Jason McCampbell
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)
  • Kurt Smith

This week Chris Colbert joins us from Enthought where he is a scientific software developer with a background in mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer vision. He feels that Python + Cython provides one of the most formidable computing platforms available today; striking a superb balance between performance, library support, and developer productivity.

Additionally, this episode marks the point were all of our regular panelists have now been on the show at least once!

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Sultans of Swing’ -Dire Straits

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