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inSCIght Episode 3: A Semiconductor is not Someone Who Works Part-Time on a Train

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In episode 3, we add a dash of experimentalists to the show. The purpose of tonight’s episode is to drive home the fact that computers are fundamentally analogue devices.

Every time we execute code or move the mouse around the screen, a physical process is occurring on our CPUs. Today we attempt explore the whole vertical from basic semi-conductor research, through analogue-to-digital conversion via embedded systems, to finally tie back into the programmatic abstractions most of us at inSCIght know and love.

This episode is really a sounding board for future episodes that are more grounded in hardware. So please let us know what YOU think, what you liked and didn’t like about today’s show.

Today’s bits get flipped by:

  • Sean Eves Knudsen
  • Anthony Scopatz (conductor)
  • Jes Sherman (special guest)

This week Jes Sherman joins us from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she is a second-year PhD student who specializes in organic electronics. Her research focuses around the effect of crystal packing on charge transport in organic semiconductors. She also blogs at the ever-irreverent Carbon-Based Curiosities (Psi*Psi).

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Mongoloid’ -Devo

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