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inSCIght Episode 28: R We Not Statisticians?

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On episode 28, we finally get around to tackling R, a language for statistical computing.  R has a storied history as an LGPL code related to the S language which came out of Bell labs which itself was influenced by Scheme.  R is the go-to tool for many statisticians, analysts, and data scientists.   It comes with the full suite of plotting, array, and math libraries that computational scientists have come to know and expect.  As a high-level, dynamic, and extensible language, R is definitely worth knowing about - even if you aren’t a statistician!

Today’s useRs include:

  • Geraldine van der Auwera
  • Phillip Keung (special guest)
  • Christopher Jordan-Squire (special guest)
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)

Phillip Keung is a biostatistics graduate student and works in statistical genetics at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

Christopher Jordan-Squire is a mathematics graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. His love of applied problems has overcome his original training in pure mathematics and deep love of the Fourier transform. With training in both pure mathematics and applied statistics, he now works in the intersection of the two fields. He is currently researching non-parametric mixture model estimation, and also does statistics consulting and python coding in his not-so-ample spare time.

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