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inSCIght Episode 11: Austin NoSQL Meetup

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On episode 11, we depart from our traditional episode format to cover NoSQL databases.  What differs about this episode is that we covered a panel discussion that took place at the first ever Austin NoSQL Meetup, right here in Enthought’s headquarters!  In addition to hearing the aggregated wisdom of our very knowledgeable panelists, you’ll also hear both questions and answers from the 20+ audience members at the meetup.

Be forewarned.  This episode represents a deep-cut of the material.  While there were some attempts to explain the subject at a high level, the heart of the issue was attacked head on and in full force.  A basic familiarity with traditional relational databases is assumed.  A cursory knowledge of the current NoSQL landscape would also be helpful. Lacking this understanding going in simply means that you have more to learn from the episode!

Feel free to post questions on convore or in the comments.  

Today’s hosts include:

  • Brett Hoerner (special guest)
  • Sandeep Parikh (special guest)
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)
  • Travis Swicegood (special guest)
  • Bradley Meck (special guest)

Brett Hoerner is a software engineer and pseudo-ops guy at Disqus. He focuses on backend features, scalability, and analytics. He has a passing knowledge of most popular open source NoSQL databases and Disqus has used MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, and Membase in production.

Sandeep Parikh likes to write code and try out new technologies. His background is in software development and he’s interested in big data and analytics. He’s deployed a few apps on top of MongoDB and has played with Redis, CouchDB and Cassandra.

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Bass Down Low’ -Dev

Show Links:

  1. Austin NoSQL Meetup
  2. Bradley’s ‘NoSQL in SQL’ talk