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inSCIght Episode 1: Managing & Modernizing Legacy Code

This was originally published at inSCIght.

In episode 1, our rambunctious crew of physicists and nuclear engineers discuss a common problem in all of scientific computing: legacy code!  We wax philosophic on issues in this space and provide suggestions for real-world solutions when you happen to inherit un-documented, un-tested, often-used programs that somehow constitute science.

Today’s lovely hosts include:

  • Milad Fatenejad
  • Katy Huff
  • Jonathan Rocher
  • Anthony Scopatz (moderator)

Intro/Outro Music: ‘Bulletproof’ -La Roux

Listen to the podcast

Show Links:

  1. The Flash Center
  2. VisTrails
  3. Blog post by Sean on legacy code
  4. Nature article on legacy code