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In Honor of Absinthe Friends

DISCLAIMER: Because I have been sort of busy recently, I now have a backlog of three (3) posts that need to be made. Expect them to appear in quick succession.

Every weekend just seems to get a bit crazier. This one was certainly more action packed than last weekend. This is saying a lot since it has been historically difficult to top Meenon’s parties.

Here goes a summary of my amazing time!

  1. I got up to Three Rivers (3R) on friday night at about 7 pm. Went out for dinner and by the time got back Carly and Andrew 3 had arrived.
  2. We waited around for hours and Andrew 1, Caitlin, Garret and Shannon finally showed up at 3 am!
  3. The next morning I wake up at 10 and everyone else at about noon. We mobilize and get to the park.
  4. Road construction in Sequoia has been blessfully ceased, so the ride up was easy. Listened to The Protomen on the drive up to Giant Forest.
  5. Did the Bear Hill trail from the museum over to Moro Rock. Then we went on the Sugar Pine trail from Moro Rock to Crescent Meadow. I had never done the second one. That’s Amazing! Endearing, really.
  6. Drove down the mountain. A couple of hours later Shanon and Caitlin and I went out to pick up some pizza.
  7. Tada! Josh and Rachel showed up! Totally unexpected to me. It was SOOO(O)^\infty good to see them again. I am very glad they could make it. (unfortunate that Mowi was feeling sick though).
  8. After dinner, the LARP started. I played Caith, and it was AMAZING. I built Caith as a non-com, so the suckage that occurred in D&D was inversely proportional to the rockage in an RP dinner party setting.
  9. In game and out, a good number of us got drunk on Absinthe. Eventually, *someone* ::winkwink:: started doing straight shots and I was obliged to follow. My description of the rest of the evening will have to be left to your imaginations.
  10. Recovering and detoxifying, people lazily got up and packed the next morning.
  11. Rachel and Josh left.
  12. The rest of us then went to Reimers (locally made candy and ice cream shop). Then everyone left for home.
  13. I only made it to Visalia. I was supposed to go to Sean’s that day but it was already like 6 pm, so I decided to call. He didn’t answer.
  14. Ate and went back to 3R for the night.
  15. The next day I call couldn’t get a hold of Sean, so I resign myself to going back to the Beautiful, Yet Dumb, Santa Ynez Vally.
  16. Within 5 minutes of being home, Christen calls. Within an hour, Sean does.

So in summary I had a great time. It was wonderful to be able to hike around and RP with people I like & love. In fact, everyone that went I ended up feeling like I love and respect more than before. And everyone who didn’t go, I already love & respect ~_~.

Thus Sincerely, Fuck You 21st Birthday Party!~!