Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

In case you didn’t get the memo…

My mother left me today on a jet plane. In Austin. She got on an airplane and flew out of here. No, she did not leave abandon me in some foreign airport to fend for myself. Picking pennies out of fountains to purchase over-priced cinnamon rolls. Nope. Not this time, again.

But this is a fairly important milestone. It marks the end of the “Robin + Anthony = Wedding” for me. It also marks the End of Fun, wherein I must remain devoutly studious*, until my qualifying exam (which is on Friday January 16th). No working on projects. No hanging out with friends. Preferably, no or limited chatting online. Forced “normal”-person schedule. Basically, all I am allowing myself to do is sleep, eat, workout, housework, wind-down, and study.

On the plus side, I might now have 15 minutes to myself for the first time in two to three weeks. I need to relax and recover from everything. But Wait! This is my life, so No! I think even Robin and Anthony have gotten a couple of days or somewhat regular behavior. However, I *have* to dive right into the MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF MY LIFE TO DATE.

The qualifiers will literally make or break me; they will decide whether the decision to come to UT was right or a near complete waste of time out of which I may(?) be able to scrounge a masters that I can apply for a couple of years before I hit the ceiling of its usefulness.

In typical Michael/Scopatz** fashion, the ridiculous timing of such important life events is fully outside of my realm of control. Stupid Life operator acting on the eigenvector of Me. At least the heart attack of the quals being on Monday is over. When the world throws you a curveball, it tends to break the blender you were making tasty and refreshing lemonade in.

So in summary, take this as notice that I’m gonna zip into Introvert mode for about a week. More or less, since I won’t have time to maintain my emotional state, having me think about yours is nearly totally out of the question.

Seeya on the Flip Side!
Wish Me Luck!

*Note: I have been studying basically everyday since November for this. I even managed to squeeze in 6-8 hours a day while my mother was here, post-nuptials. So what I mean here is more like 8-14 hours a day. Hell, I like neutrons, but I didn’t wanna marry them. I need a real fake woman!

**EDIT Note: Michael/Scopatz has nothing to do with anyone other than my Family. Micheal is my mother’s maiden and my middle name. I use this term as a convolution of those two parental aspects within myself. It seems this went misunderstood.