Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I’m Gonna Kick Some Ass With My Own Pipe Wrench

With Michael reading “Game of Thrones”, I am getting into it seriously again. It is bad. But I really can’t talk about it anymore, because he reads this too! But he made it past the first 80 pages without throwing it down (I am looking at you, Anthony).

Suffice to say, that it has gotten to the point where I have felt this real compulsion to play some 2 Ed. AD&D or, barring that, Castles & Crusades or HackMaster or something. Something with gulldamn’d Gnomes.

However, I have found ways to satiate myself in other ways, thankfully. One of them is of course the IRL OKCupid Minigame. The other is more oblivious.

Ain’t the Total Package yet, but is so wrong to want more ass?

PS Little edgy as tonight is Yom Kippur. Never know when Israel will implode or Synagogues fired upon. It seems wrong that there are justifiable neuroses on what is arguably the second most important holiday. I *still* find the Tet offensive.

PPS Is anyone else disturbed by the amount of Sarah Palin-esque straight-male-targeted porn that is popping up on the internet these days? I mean, maybe it existed before but we just didn’t know who Sarah Palin was….