Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.


Iowa, in general, is still very blaaaaah. Not nearly as bad as my visit that you may recall from past trips.

But this time I have baby cousins! And an Aunt and an Uncle and a Grandmother! It is very pleasant. It has been so long since I have been around the wee little people. Very refreshing.

Charles looks very similar to us tres hermanos as newborns. And I have almost called John by “Julian” a couple of times. That has got to be some suppressed memory of somewhere. There are other freaky coincidences that only my family members would get (“Sprinkles”, anyone?).

I am more or less contented being out here. Here is an update on my possible schedule:
-Leave IA on Wednesday morning, end up somewhere in those nebulous inner states.
-Thursday continue onto Reno. Meet up with my Mom here for the night.
-Friday hang with my Mom until I go the BA.
-Friday Night to Sunday Morning be in SF/Daly City.
-Sunday Night - Monday or Tuesday be in Morgan Hill and then return to Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara.

Hope this helps.