Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I w00ted

I could write about the election yesterday, or I could write about w00tstock 2.9…

Fine, this is sort of a serious kind of middle of the road sort of interactive web log-ish thing.  I’ll do the pundit dance for you.

Basically, the election was a complete disaster…or was it?!  While not a sympathizer, I am a Tea Party empathizer.  Even the most liberal of publications, the Economist, feels some amount of kinship:

…in how many other countries would a powerful populist movement demand less of government, rather than endlessly and expensively more?

There are legitimate problems in this country and people are genuinely upset at the dysfunctional incumbent government.  At its heart, the Tea Party is an anti-establishment movement.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, their platform falls off after this central point.

A long time supporter of third party solutions, I am pleased that someone other than the Republicans & Democrats is doing well.  I just wish they offered actual solutions.  If not masturbating would solve poverty or keep people in their homes or implement a carbon tax, where do I sign up?!

Sadly, it is all hocus pocus witch is about as effective as Nazairte vows.  Instead, what we purchased with our vote is a House divided.  I doubt that health care reform can do much for this lame duck.

Even more disturbing than the ousted incumbents were the ones that remained in office.  Harry Reid kept his seat, even though his environmental record is not a load of toxic nuclear waste!  And how in the hell did Rick Perry remain Governor of the great state of Texas?  He was basically caught embezzling from the State while simultaneously refusing to accept Federal stimulus money.  And dear lord, Jerry Brown.  I guess he isn’t going to wholesale auction off California, but I am a firm believer in term limits.

But who cares?  Really?  When I wake up and peddle to work tomorrow, all I will see is a glorious bubble.  I live in Austin, now with bike paths!