Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I follow myself in song…

If you knew how I longed
for you now that you’re go-o-o-one,
you’d grow wings and fly home to me, home tonight.
Little killer froggy where did you hop?
Under the entertainment center, realized you just couldn’t stop.
I almost died,
It was so embarrassing.
But I am alive
so that you can fall in love with me.
So Pu-Pu-Put you hand in my back pocket,
as if it were your own back pocket.
Ah, che Luna, Oh, che Mare,
with such a moon and such a sea.
And You and Me.
Brown shoes don’t make it.
Brown Shoes, why fake it?
It’s Business,
It’s Business Time.

So much fag-haggery in der Naehe.

ps: Some girls buy me money, brown sugar.