Anthony Scopatz

I think, therefore I amino acid.

I find it kinda funny; I find it kinda sad

My eyes were blue again today. All day.

I did some research again yesterday. I think most of you know that I think IBS is a LIE. However, upon this latest medical round I think I may have Crohn’s Disease.

I fit two out of the three risk factors, some of the symptoms, and the overlying cause resonates well with the data I have. Basically, one’s mind tells one’s stomach that anything and everything you put in it is bad. Thus your body ends up rejecting all food, violently.

This would explain why none of the IBS medicines worked for more than a week. Also it explains why my systematic elimination of all food-types at one point or another did nothing (you know, because I was still eating). [Note: food elimination, once you find the culprit, really helps IBS patients in general. For me it made things worse because I would typically have to eat more, especially during the vegan and wheat/gluten free months.]

So where do we go from here. Well before I go to a doctor again, I am gonna run one last experiment; I am going to stop eating.

If food itself the problem, then this should solve my stomach problem. I will attempt to achieve sustenance through emergency survival pills like Life Caps. Of course, I will be sure to drink plenty of water too. I may supplement with sugar pills to increase calorie intake.

I’ll start with a three day trial run. If shows results, it’ll be essentially proved in my mind. Then I might be able to set up some sort of system where I don’t eat 3, 4, or 5 days out of the week. I’ll go to a doctor and nutritionist to talk about this.

So if I wake up dead, you’ll know why. It is like my body is rejecting my life. As if I needed something else to do that.